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There are 3 different squirrel species in CT.  Eastern Gray Squirrel, Flying Squirrel and Red Squirrel.

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Nests & Reproduction

  Squirrels can give birth twice a year.  Early spring and again in mid summer average litter size is typically 3-7 babies.

Nest can be found in tree cavities or leaf nests on tree branches.

Squirrel Facts

Mom will relocate her young to another nest site if necessary.

Young eyes open squirrels may approach humans if orphaned and in need of help.

Squirrels will start to become independent at about 10 weeks in the wild.

Does this squirrel or squirrels need help?

Some good indication are:

  • Crying or approaching humans

  • Found on the ground not moving or not fully furred.

  • Found with eyes still closed.

  • Look very skinny.

  • Wounds are noticed

  • Some litter mates are found dead.

  • Nest is on ground.

  • Flies on or around squirrels.

  • Mother is known to be dead.

Squirrels Need Help What Now?

If necessary, to rescue the squirrels. Wearing gloves, or using a towel, broom or something that will not cause injury to them gently nudge the babies into a box or container. 

The box should be:

  • Covered to prevent escape and additional injuries such as a fall.

  • Ventilated so they can breathe.

  • Lined with a soft cloth such as a T-shirt, pillowcase, or towel to help keep them warm and provide a sense of security.

Do not use anything with loose strings or holes as this can cause loss of circulation or strangulation. 

Provide warmth.

  • Rice Sock-You can do this by filling a sock with rice and microwave for approximately 30 seconds to a minute depending on your microwave. Please make sure that the rice sock is not too hot and will not burn the bunnies.

  • Heating Pad- Set on low under half the container (make sure it does not have auto shut off).

Baby wildlife cannot regulate their own body temperature and need a supplement heat source.  If the wildlife becomes cold this can cause their system to start shutting down and possibly preventing us from saving them.


Keep the wildlife you found in a quiet area away from children, pets and loud noises.  This is important loud noises and activity can cause extreme stress to a wildlife and in some cases death.

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