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About Us

Education, Awareness & Compassion

Humans encounter wildlife on a daily basis and whether or not you are an animal lover; you may be faced with the moral issue of what to do when this happens.  Do you turn the other cheek and let an animal unnecessarily suffer? Or, do you try and seek help?

TWRG offers the community with a place to turn to. Urban sprawl and human activities such as, vehicle collisions, domestic pets, intentional or unintentional poisonings, window collisions, trapping or tree removal just to name a few causes thousands of wildlife to become injured, orphaned, or otherwise compromised yearly.

By supporting a group of CT permitted  wildlife rehabilitators who volunteer their services to care for our native injured, sick and/or orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into their natural environment and offering a 2nd chance at life. Our members are trained in providing the proper nutrition and husbandry as well as basic triage. They also attend continuing education classes and work with licensed veterinarians to provide the best care possible.

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